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Abstract Visionary Art, Meditation



Rhiannon Lea is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

Rhi Lea's interests are working with crystals incorporating the energies and ideas behind their functions with her artwork, as well as the geological side of crystals and minerals.

For many years she has experimented with jewellery and accessory design. Finally incorporating her art with the love of creating accessories. 


Over the 38 years of life she's practised many forms of art but in the past 8 years has developed a more appreciated love of abstract art. Using her normal technique of creating art, doing works by emotion or flow. Abstract art by using the flow of intention 

or from just riding the waves of consciousness, images emerge from chaos. 

Mirrored Abstract.

In the few years of creating abstract art Rhi started to notice patterns and images arising from her paintings when they were mirrored. Reminiscent of Rorschach inkblot tests, 

each veiwer can see different things, also depending on their state of mind see something

different each time they look into the images. Art is subjective. Each person a channel for their own consciousness can peer into the void and see what is is for them to see.

Shapes and colours as images entering the body as light, just like anything else effect the body chemically. Subliminal messages, most images created are made with the intention of bringing peace, balance or inducing meditative states.


Others are up to the viewer to decide. 


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